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Footbalance Custom Impact Insole for 3 Strength-Building Exercises

7 Dec 2020

According to a recent survey, the most popular exercises are, in descending order of popularity,

  1. Running,
  2. Lifting weights and
  3. Outdoor activities like biking, or hiking.

Weightlifting allows muscles to be stressed and therefore better adapt to grow stronger. This applies also to bodyweight exercises.  

Herewith, a list of three basic for-good-health lifts and strength-building exercises and the FootBalance insole you should wear while doing them:

Squat to Overhead Press

This squat/press combo works your quads, butt and hamstring, and also your abs and shoulders. To do it, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Either using a bar with weights or hand weights held at shoulder height. Lower your body into a squat with your weight on your heels. Push through your heels to stand up and press weights or bar overhead. Return to starting position.

Push Ups

The good thing about this awesome exercise is that you can create so many variations to target different muscle groups. And, it’s easy to do almost anywhere. Place your hands just wider than shoulder width apart with your toes tucked under, your body in a plank position. Lower yourself to the ground, keeping your muscles engaged. Touch your nose to the ground and extend your arms, push back up. Repeat as many times as you can.


Planks might be the best core workout there is. All you do, too, is lie facedown with your toes tucked and hold your body in a flat, belly-button-pulled-in position with your forearms on the ground, for 30 seconds to a minute (more if you can). Then, rest and repeat. Planks work your back, abs and shoulders.

So, what is the best insole to wear for strength training?

Well, when it comes to lifting especially, you want to make sure that your standing in correct body alignment.

So, we recommend Footbalance Custom Impact insole because while it is designed for high-impact court sports athletes, it is also well equipped to handle to the stress of extra weight in the weight room, especially when it comes to Olympic lifting. This applies to the other two exercises too.



This custom insole, Impact is ideal choice for any sport that demands skilled footwork or sudden, explosive foot movements that place strain on feet and ankles. Designed with increased shock absorption materials for high-impact, court sports participants. Visit Lifebalance Foot Care, our local stores both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to try this. 


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