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Lifebalance as the name implies focuses on Health & Sports Products that provides balance to our lives. Lifebalance is the sole distributor of Footbalance and many other unique foot care products in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). LifeBalance founders recognized the need for foot health and came up with worldwide products that solve it.

Life Balance Shoes owns and operates this website (lifebalance.ae)


- To become the leading Foot care provider in the UAE and the GCC

- To bring Customized Insoles and foot care products within everyone’s reach 


- To spread foot awareness to customers in a one stop shop “Foot Care Kiosks” available and accessible everywhere (in Shopping Malls & Medical Centers).


- Enhance human well being, provide health by inspiring people to move more, stay longer and stronger on their feet.

- Provide unforgettable experience and added value service to the journey of every customer.

- Offer a wide range of innovative foot care products from all over the world in a one stop shop (insoles, arch support and reflexology sandals, compression socks, and footcare accessories).

Our story

The story of Lifebalance starts in 2015 with Leena Junaidi, a young entrepreneur born, brought up and raised in UAE. With degree in Business Administration, experience in consultancy, Leena had her passion in Foot Care since her childhood. 

Leena had issues with her feet (severe overpronation) and no service provider of custom orthotics was able to solve her problem until she found Footbalance. With Footbalance fully custom insoles, all Leena's issues with her feet and posture were resolved and she was able again to stay longer and stronger on her feet, travel, play sports, enjoy life and stay active. She vowed herself to share her experience with the whole world. She opened her first store in 2017 and provided free foot scanning with a mission of spreading foot awareness. Currently Leena has more than 5 Lifebalance stores, and deals with more than 20 medical clinics and Doctors in fields of (Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Orthopedic and Chiropractic Medicine) in the UAE and the GCC. Leena was able to listen to customer needs and add many unique footcare products on-board in a one stop shop.

Leena was awarded the First place for outstanding accomplishment in health care “Distinguished Medical Tourism Service Centre” in March 2019, a prestigious award by Dubai Health Authority.

Leena founded Lifebalance with the goal of spreading foot awareness and helping people move without limitations.