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Back Pain

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Back Pain

There are many causes for back pain and many factors can be interrelated as causes. Studies have shown that the feet are a contributing factory to a number of back pain cases.

One of the main causes of back pain is poor posture. This can result from a variety of factors such as poor sitting posture, poor standing posture, injury, body weight and foot gait.

Poor gait or poor standing posture is linked with your feet. The human skeleton can be seen like a stack of dominoes or scaffolding. When your feet roll inwards (overpronate) or don’t function properly, this can exacerbate improper function of the joints from the feet all the way up to the knees, hips and spine.

Wearing orthotics helps prevent or correct faulty biomechanics. By wearing correct orthotics, the strain on your body is greatly reduced, allowing for proper balance of movement. Our orthotic products can help in bringing more balance to your body posture and movements.