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19 Nov 2015


Soccer is demanding for your feet and ankles. Footbalance custom insoles give proper support underfoot to help improve biomechanical efficiency for better endurance, shock absorption, stability and ball control.

Misalignment in the feet and ankles affects overall body alignment and efficiency, negatively affecting stamina, control and stability.

Without proper support underfoot the leg turns inward, “giving in” when kicking, decreasing power, accuracy, and the ability to control the ball. During sprinting and quick shifts in direction, power gets improperly channeled to the ground, wasting energy.

During a match a player can run over 10 km. With each step the impact on the body is equivalent to three to five times your own weight. Feet in misalignment transfer more of this impact to the rest of the body, increasing the strain on knees, hips and lower back. Over time this can cause stress injuries, wear on joint surfaces, and pain.

Get Proper Support and Alignment with Footbalance Insoles:

Footbalance insoles support your feet in proper alignment for better ball control, more efficient propulsion and improved shock absorption.

Good alignment in the feet and ankles helps your body work as designed, improving overall biomechanics. Kicking and footwork are more efficient, increasing accuracy and control. Power gets channeled correctly for more efficient sprints and better endurance. The feet and ankles can properly absorb shock, reducing cumulative impact forces.

Custom molded to your unique feet, Footbalance insoles customize your cleats for superior comfort, support and control.

Visit our store page to check out available custom insoles: Footbalance Insoles

To purchase and get Footbalance Insole, individually moulded to your unique feet, you must visit our local store “FootBalance Kiosk” at Yas Mall, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. 

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