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Don’t Run without Customized Running Insoles!

16 Nov 2020

Custom insoles used to cost a fortune not so long ago! They used to be custom made by an orthotics doctor and cost more than AED 2000. Today, however, a host of manufacturers offer over-the-counter insoles designed to do the job of orthotics at a fraction of the cost.

It is a must for anyone engaging in any activity that puts stress on their feet: runners, in particular. Other opinions assert that insoles will reduce overpronation, help stave off plantar fasciitis, reduce the risk of other injuries, provide a foundation of support and make you a faster, more efficient runner. But where is the truth in all of this?

The answer, not surprisingly, is that not everyone is the same. If your activity levels are hyper and can’t sustain without breaking down with some sort of foot or leg injury, buying something to take the load off your feet may allow you to train harder, although problems like stress fractures, bunions or torn ligaments really should be discussed with a doctor or physical therapist.

If you’re simply going for daily jogs and want that extra comfort, what you need still depends on your feet. Some cannot get the relief without expensive insoles, others will do just fine–and possibly even better–with a less expensive option. Here are a wider collections of custom insoles available at our Lifebalance stores in UAE, you might like to have a look. “There are a wide range of insoles, all the way from something to cushion your foot to something that’s going to change how you land,” says Jamie Mieras, a podiatrist at the Boulder Valley Foot and Ankle Clinic in Colorado.

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