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What Are High Arches?

22 Oct 2021
by LifeBalance Admin

What Are High Arches?

High arches are known as cavus feet. The arch of your foot is that slightly or raised more than the normal curved area between your heel and the ball of your foot, it is the opposite of flat feet.

High arch feet may be genetic some people have unusually high arches, which can lead to a range of problems, from occasional pain to permanent structural changes. On the other hand, a number of underlying conditions may cause them.

In some cases, People with high arches may experience pain and permanent damage to their foot structure. They are treatable and these are the available treatments, including foot surgery, orthotics and physical therapy.

Experts from chiropractors, podiatry and specialized doctors mostly recommend non-surgical treatment like orthotics or physical therapy to treat the high arch feet problem.


What is the difference between normal feet and high arch feet?

A normal arch is raised slightly off the ground when a person is standing. People with high arches have much more space between the floor and their arch.

How does the cavus foot affect my body?

High arches result in more stress on the feet, which can lead to painful symptoms. People with high arches often have trouble finding shoes that fit properly. The condition can lead to disability in some cases.

How do you fix high arches?

They are several treatments in the medical areas but one of the finest, non-surgical treatment is orthotics. Orthotics footwear or custom insoles helps people to easily adapt to the footwear in a few days also it is a very effective method of high arch treatment recommended by doctors.

How do Orthotics or custom insoles correct the high arch problem?

If you suspect you have high arches visit a podiatrist specialist who can examine your feet and recommend treatment options.

For cases that do not require surgery, LifeBalance® Insoles can help High Arches especially reducing the pressure in the front part of the foot; these insoles improve the functioning of the two major supporting arches of the foot.

The improvements you can observe easier by observing your walking patterns within a few weeks of wearing.

LifeBalance custom Orthotics will help you to improve the stability of your feet.

It helps high-arched feet Athletes to protect against injuries during a game by wearing these LifeBalance custom Insoles that are designed to enhance athletic performance.

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