A perfect choice for those who want dynamic support with a minimalist feel…

6 steps for the perfect fit

Step 1

Your feet are analyzed.

Step 2

Pictures are taken of your feet and ankle.

Step 3

Personalizes report is sent to your email.

Step 4

Heated insoles are placed on medical pillows for moulding.

Step 5

Insoles are moulded for each foot while maintainingcorrect foot alignment.

Step 6

Insoles are ready for use in your favorite shoe.


Founded in 2003 by a physiotherapist in Finland. First insoles launched commercially in 2007, today sold by retailers in 35 countries in over 1500 stores and medical clinics.


Innovative custom made products that matches all types of footwear and activities for the perfect fit: 100% Custom Sports, Formal, Medical Insoles, Quickfit, and Custom Sandals.


You get complete in-store foot analysis and custom molded insoles/ footwear in less than 10 minutes, at an affordable price, same shoe size, and available in any retail concept.


Footbalance custom products supports feet properly in natural position aiding balanced stance and correct body posture for better Health, Comfort, and enhanced Performance.